Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quick intro: my story

Hey there and welcome to my blog! I am a mother of 5 from Ohio; my husband is into hunting and fishing and I love wildlife photography and knitting. Now the most important thing: I'm a safety freak. I started worrying about my kids' safety when my first son went to school and I was looking for ways to maximize protection. Giving him a gun was not an option at that time (now he's all about guns) so I came to software products. This post is about a software product that keeps our family safe. 
Pewep Dresden

Free weather alerts: why do you need this service at all?

When you are outdoors enjoying your fishing, hiking, hunting, or on a simple picnic with kids, you need to get weather information and updates. If you value the safety of your family you need to be aware of any coming dangerous weather conditions.

Statistics show that tornadoes have been registered in all states of the USA. That means, anywhere you are in the US a tornado might come. Tornadoes develop rapidly, on the side of a heavy thunderstorm cloud. Within several minutes a tornado will develop to its’ full scale, cause irreparable damage or even takle lives, and then dissolve in a thunderstorm. It’s insane how fast a tornady may hit any location within the USA.

You simply can not risk your life and your family-s well-being like that, and if you are unaware of the weather you are risking. Without any system of getting weather alerts you are always esting your luck.

Among the most conventional ways of getting weather alerts are TV and radio. It’s great to rely on a radio station to send you urgent weather alerts if you are somewhere where the radio is non-stop on. If you get your free weather alerts from the radio they are accurate and timely, but are they reliable if you have no radio at hand or you simply do not like to have it turned on? Absolutely not.

Emergency weather alerts on TV

TV is another overrated source of emergency alerts. First, TV is even harder to keep on than radio. Its loud, exhausting and boring. Eventually you’ll turn the TV off and get into the danger zone once again.

Weather alerts that come with phone apps

The best, the most convenient and actually the most modern way to stay updated to weather emergencies and quick forecasts is to use a phone app. A phone app uses the same weather information channels that TV and radio use, but weather alerts is all a good phone app does. There are no distractions, no junk or vulnerabilities. With a phone app you are protected 24/7.

We have tried and tested dozens of phone apps, because the market is flooded with them. Our test criteria were reliability, interface simplicity, feature richness and price.

AlertID completely won all tests.

First, it’s a free app, so that takes care of the price component. You can’t really beat free.

Unlike many free things, AlertID is a quality product. It’s so full of features that it’s amazing: yet they are all related. AlertID gives you the weather walerts and warnings; apart from them, AlertID sends you pulbic safety alerts such as a terrorist alert or a traffic accdent warning. Even more than that, AlertID is equipped with an official and updating sex offender map. You can use this map to check your neighborhood for residing convicted sex offenders as well as get alerts when such people move in close to you.

Now, there is something absolutely unique about AlertID. This little app is just the top of the iceberg. All app users are connected into a social network that lets them exchange information. That means, you can warn your relatives if you get the alert and your neighbors can warn you if something nasty happens nearby. It’s amazingly convenient!

AlertID is very reliable because it has been created with full safety in mind. There is nothing else the app claims to do: it sends you warnings and lets you share that information. Download AlertID today if you are serious about your family security:

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